About me

Aleš Miklík

I will open the door for you to the most experienced therapist in the world - nature. It can help you with the many negative effects of a modern way of life: stress, exhaustion, loss of concentration and sensitivity. Of course, to get rid of them completely need a major change in life, but a few hours properly spent in the forest can be just the first aid as a first step towards the beginning of this change.

As a forest therapy guide, internationally certified by the ANFT , I have gathered experience from the best mentors following a methodology combining classical Japanese art of Shinrin -Yoku with Western approach to ecopsychology and forest wisdom of many traditional cultures.

When guiding in the forest I also often use my knowledge of the Wim Hof method, working with the breath, to achieve a calm and balanced state of mind and body. The result is a full experience of the present moment and a relaxing connection with nature through many senses.

My story

During my lifetime I had many roles and professions - I was a child, partner, father, got technical and human education, traveled, self-developed, led myself and teams of people. All the time - from my childhood - however, I always drew inspiration and strength in nature, most often alone. There I ran with my boyish worries and joys (and spent at least as much time in the woods as at school) and “adult” problems.

Over time, I have developed my own methods to improve my mental and physical health through intensive perception of nature. Yet I haven't been able to share this experience with anyone for many years - I haven't noticed anything like this in people around me and I was a little ashamed to talk about having a tree or stone as a friend and how cleanse it can be if you have wind and the sun in face for hours.

As a mature adult I was successful, but the more I lived in a “modern” and fast life, the more I felt that this way of experiencing was not very convenient for me and I needed to return to natural roots. For the past few years, I have known that my life vision, my purpose, is more than just a circle of family-work duties.

Thanks to my self-development journey with men's circles, education in natural therapies and a mountain expedition with the “ice man” Wim Hof (whose method, combining breathing exercises, ice baths and meditation concentration I have been using every day for several years) I understand that my goal is actually bring gifts and knowledge that I have long benefited from through forest and nature back to people who need them as much as I do. Around that time, I accidentally met the principles of Japanese forest therapy Shinrin-yoku and everything started to fit together.

I left my job in a prestigious company and went on to train forest therapy at the American Association for Nature and Forest Therapy (ANFT), whose founder Amos Clifford has adapted and streamlined the Shinrin-yoku methods for the Western world. After six months of training and education, I am now one of the few certified forest therapy guides in the Czech republic. It is always a great encouragement and inspiration for me during each forest walk with the participants to see that my vision was right - to see how easily people of many experiences and origins can connect with this way of ``remembering`` happiness, joy and health that belong to us and makes up our true inner home.

Because that's what nature always wanted.

Ales is a experienced guide and has a passion for the forest.

Jakub, 41 let

One of the strongest impressions of today's forest therapy for me was the calm of the guide, which made him feel at all times "here and now".

Pavla, 35 let