Forest therapy uses the ancient natural relationship between humans and nature to address the negative effects of modern life.

What can we get from this?

Stress reduction

By shifting attention to sensory stimuli and returning to an evolutionary natural environment, stress hormones and other relaxing effects are reduced.

Deeper connection with nature

If we want to rebalance the relationship between man and nature, we must base it on authentic reciprocity instead of the usual ``use of natural resources.``

Better concentration and creativity

Nature has the ability to awaken the best in us - to turn our brain into a relaxation where it is also highly productive. Why not use it?

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About me

I help people rediscover or consolidate their inner peace and balance, reduce stress and slow down overall. All this through intensive connection of the senses with the surrounding nature, which proceed a little differently than you are commonly used in the forest. The effect is noticeable after every forest therapy, but I will also give you instructions on how to help yourself in today's demanding modern life thanks to nature. I have a lifelong practice and education for that.

More about me

What the participants say about forest therapy

After forest therapy I am much more calmer, relaxed, and a lot of thoughts about work are gone.

Hana, 36 let

Flashing red light still in front of your eyes or exhausted from work? Stop and enjoy time for yourself and your health in the forest during forest therapy.

Hana, 36 let

Even if you don't know exactly what you need for yourself, try forest therapy. It will help you feel better at least for a few hours.

Ivana, 37 let

After the forest therapy I was a little more tired, but at the same time calmer, more balanced, thoughts did not fly so much and I concentrate better. The senses are sharper.

Ivana, 37 let

Forest therapy is a great opportunity to immerse yourself and enjoy the present moment.

Michaela, 34 let

I enjoyed very much looking for my place in the forest and feeling at home there. Now I feel much calmer and peaceful in my soul.

Petra, 18 let

After the forest therapy I am much more relaxed, in a pleasant mood and with a strong sense of self-confidence.

Petr, 38 let

I felt, heard, smelled and touched the forest like never before.

Jakub, 45 let

Before the forest therapy I was very unfocused and my head was full of persistent thoughts. Now I am much more in my center, I feel inner peace and childish joy.

Jana, 40 let

I can say that this is a wonderful way to stop, slow down, feel the present moment and myself again as if I was six years old again. In addition, you can get answers to many of your internal questions.

Jana, 40 let